A Cup Of Tea Spread Magic In Your Daily Life

Pallavi Singh
2 min readDec 4, 2020


A cup of tea (Chai) spent with a loved one is the best happiness time well spent especially in college days when your first bond starts. Every morning in India is incomplete without a cup of tea. One cup of tea made everyone’s day when we talk about college days, a friend who loves to share the essence of home with a cup of Chai. Most people like coffee too, but in some cases, they love Tea. I have an amazing group of friends who like tea and share bonding over tea that a big things to enjoy with our friends.

If you living far from the family and you don’t have time to share then a cup of tea makes things best. It makes the day of lectures from morning to evening, It gives the peaceful break from the rushed life where you can open your heart and make everything better. A beautiful line for tea lovers “Chai Nahi Mano Mohabbat Ho Gai Hai…Subh Sham Na Mile To Bechani Hoti Hai…”

If we talk about college life then it is full of compassion being on a screen where has the chance for your dreams come true. You should share a cup of tea surrounded by a green beauty with nature’s peace where you can indulge in imagination and discuss with your friends.

Lifestyle independence is not smooth but if there is special Garam Chai Ki Pyali, there is hope and always a success and a spark of hope that we friends create for one another with a hot cup of tea. During exam stress everyone in the canteen with notes, books and share study burden with the tea. When the time to pay the bill, we ask how much? always anyone replies, we haven’t even started yet. If you are herbal tea lovers then you can try lemon ginger tea with strong taste and lots of health benefits.

Tea is the best way to be part of people with great vision, to accept their vision to share some of your thoughts, you can say it is best social networking. Hangout with tea is a pleasant idea when bored with a regular job. Life is related to a cup of tea, depends on you how you make it. In winters party you can take tea rather than coffee. So if your mood like drinking a cup of tea, just take and share it with your loved ones. Cheers!